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Article: Which earrings suit you?

Statement oorbellen Petit bonbon

Which earrings suit you?

In this article we already give 5 things you can pay attention to: choose the earrings that are perfect for your style, your face and your hair type. To find out which earrings suit you, you can start with these questions;

      1. Which earrings suit the shape of your face best?
      2. Which earrings suit which type of hair?
      3. Which earrings suit which hair color?
      4. Which earrings go with which glasses?
      5. How do you match your earrings with your outfit?

      Which earrings suit the shape of your face best?

      Your face has a certain shape, just like every face has a certain shape. We distinguish the following different face shapes;

        • Oval face
        • Long, Rectangular Face
        • Round face
        • square face
        • Triangular or triangular face
        • heart-shaped face
        • Diamond-shaped face

        welke oorbellen passen bij welke vorm van gezicht

        One type of earring suits every face shape better than the other. But, how do you know which earring suits which face?

        The rule to determine which earring suits your face

        There is already one basic rule; never choose the same earring shape as your face shape. For example, if you have a round face, don't go for round earrings. The same type of earrings will only accentuate and magnify the shape of your face (think of a caricature). By choosing a shape that is different from the shape of your face, you break the pattern and make sure that you will look more beautiful and that it better suits your appearance.

        lange oorbellen

        Oval face is broken here by a combination of shapes. The color also contrasts sufficiently with the hair color (see below) and also matches with the clothing (see below)

        We are happy to explain which type of earrings (shape) suits your face in our blog: 'Which earrings suit your face?' In this blog we go into a little more detail about the earrings that fit each different face shape.

        Which earrings suit which type of hair?

        Your hair type also says a lot about which earrings are most suitable for you. Length plays a major role in hair type. Do you have a short haircut or updo, is your hair more medium-length, or do you have long hair? Based on the length of your hair, we distinguish three categories to match with your earrings;

          • Short hair or updo
          • medium hair
          • Long hair

          Which earrings suit short or updo hair?

          Traditionally, many women think that you can only wear smaller earrings with short hair or updo. Nowadays, however, we see a major shift here and there is often alternating with women with a shorter(er) haircut. Studs, studs or studs are still the norm, but more and more women are opting for a more daring choice and also dare to go for short pendants, round earrings or long, thin earrings (see photo).

          lange, dunne oorbellen Petit Bonbon

          You can also find more detailed information about earrings for short hair in our blog: which earrings are best for short hair?

          Which earrings suit medium hair

          If you have medium-long hair or hair at shoulder length, it is best to choose medium-long earrings or smaller statement earrings. Earrings that are too long will make everything seem out of balance.

          Which earrings suit long hair?

          Women with long hair are the most lucky. They actually get away with almost all earrings. For women with long earrings, it is more important to look at what color hair they have, so that the earrings still stand out enough in relation to the hair.

          Which earrings suit which hair color?

          Not only the length of your hair plays a role in the choice of your earrings, but the color can also play a major role.

            • Blond hair
            • Brown or black hair
            • rosy hair

            How to combine earrings with your hair color?

            In general, it is best not to choose the same color of earrings as the color of your hair. If you choose the same color, your earrings will disappear in your hair, making them less noticeable and you will lose the effect of your beautiful earrings. In general, women wear earrings because they look better and feel more confident. But, which earrings suit your hair color best? When looking at color combinations, it is best to choose a color that is directly opposite in the color wheel or in the adjacent areas.


            welke kleur oorbellen past bij jou?


            Which earrings suit blond hair?

            As we mentioned above, it is best not to choose earrings in the same color of your hair. If you have blond hair, it is best to avoid light colors such as yellow, white, light pink, etc. However, this does not mean that you cannot wear these colors, they will just be less noticeable than other colors. So it also depends a bit on what you want to achieve and whether you are already wearing other accessories (eg a necklace, handbag, belt, etc.) that demand attention. When your earrings can stand out and form the central point of your outfit, choose a striking color. Shades that go well with blond hair are (light) blue, purple, mauve, pink and red. A striking color can also be in soft tones.

            Which earrings suit brown or black hair?

            If you have dark hair, it is better to opt for a striking light color, but also avoid colors that stand out too much compared to your hair. For example, if you go for very white earrings, the surprise effect is again very great. Colors in the same color of your hair are better avoided, unless you already have another accessory that demands attention, for example striking glasses.

            mooie, opvallende roze oorbellen petit bonbon

            Which earrings suit red hair?

            With red hair, colors that are situated around the blue-mauve shades are best. Think mauve, purple, violet, blue, light blue and even the blue-green tones. Rather avoid the red, orange and yellow shades.


            Which earrings go with which glasses?

            Wearing glasses also has an impact on which earrings look good on you. Do you have heavy glasses? Do you have a light frame? Do you wear a striking color of glasses? All these things will influence the choice of the right earrings.

              • Do you have heavy or light frames?
              • What color are your glasses?
              • What shape are your glasses?

              Which earrings fit which type of glasses frame?

              With a heavy frame, ear studs or studs are often chosen. Why? The heavier frame already provides an 'eye-catcher' and already attracts a lot of attention. To reinforce this with large statement earrings would be really 'over-the-top'. It is of course possible, but only in very exceptional cases will it really be an added value. It is possible with a narrower frame, but the color of your glasses is also important here.

              Which earrings match the color of my glasses?

              The color of your glasses largely determines which earrings go with it, for example if you have red glasses, do not choose red earrings again. The reverse also applies, of course. If you prefer a neutral color of glasses, you can safely go for a slightly more daring choice in your earrings and opt for a striking color earrings. Be sure to look at your hair color and which outfit you are wearing and how you can match your earrings to the color of your dress, blouse or t-shirt.

              Which earrings fit the shape of my glasses?

              Again, the rule applies that it is better to break the pattern. For example, if you have round glasses, do not opt for round earrings, but rather a different shape such as elongated earrings, cone-shaped earrings or square earrings. Too much of a good thing is never good.


              How do you match your earrings with your outfit?

              The last and perhaps the most obvious factor that we look at when choosing earrings is usually what type of clothes we wear, or what color of clothes we wear. However, the same rule as above does not apply here. When it comes to clothing, it is good to match your earrings to the colors you wear. We already list a few items of clothing with the matching earrings

                • Earrings for a prom dress
                • Earrings for a dress
                • Earrings for an everyday outfit

                Which earrings go with which type of outfit?

                To determine which earrings go with which outfit, not only the type of clothing is important, but also the occasion. If you go to a gala or a wedding, it can be a bit more festive than just going to work, for example.

                Earrings for a prom dress

                Of course, a lot depends on the color of your dress. If you opt for a 'Little black dress', you can safely go for a pair of trendy statement earrings in a bright color. Make sure you choose a dress without a busy print or pattern and without busy details (e.g. a large bow).

                oorbellen voor op een galajurk of feestjurk

                If you have a dress in a (bright) color, you can always opt for trendy earrings that match the color of your dress. But, here too it can be a little more, so don't opt for earrings that are too small, but make a daring choice. You certainly won't regret it. 

                Earrings for a dress at a wedding or marriage

                A no-go at a wedding is of course a white or even beige dress. It's the bride's day and you don't want to be in her spotlight. She is the center of attention today. But, that doesn't necessarily mean that you can dress dull or less conspicuous. On the contrary, at a wedding or wedding you just have the chance to put on your trendiest outfit and shine in your favorite color. A pair of statement earrings in the same color should of course not be missing.

                handgemaakte huwelijksoorbellen petit Bonbon

                You can also find more inspiration for wedding earrings (customized) on our 'brides page'

                Earrings for an everyday outfit

                During the week you probably just wear a T-shirt or blouse in combination with jeans or skirt. You can combine this with earrings in a nice accent color that is also reflected in the color of one of your garments. Usually this is quite obvious, but if you have any doubts about this, feel free to contact us for advice.


                Buy earrings that fit you and your outfit perfectly?

                The new Petit Bonbon collections try to take all these factors into account. We provide different shapes and sizes of earrings. In addition, the colors are always matched to the colors that are in fashion that season and that therefore return to your favorite clothing store.

                We also look at the weight of the earrings. We know this is a major stumbling block for many women when choosing earrings. Earrings that are too heavy cause inflammation and are not comfortable at all if you wear them all day. Is this also the case with you? Be sure to read our blog about 'light earrings'. 

                Ready to choose earrings that match your style?

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