Handmade earrings from quality material

All our earrings are made with high-quality materials: we work with high-quality semi-precious stones and nickel-free studs that are also gold-plated or silver-plated; that is, there is a thin layer of gold or silver over the earrings, so just like gold or silver earrings, the shine can fade over time. We would therefore like to give you some tips to keep your earrings in new condition for as long as possible.

How should I maintain and store my earrings?

To preserve the original shine of your earrings and to ensure that they do not get a dull color, we would like to list our tips for you:

  • Only put on your earrings after you have used makeup, perfume, hairspray and/or other beauty products.
  • Take off your earrings when exercising, swimming, cleaning, washing hands, etc.
  • Maintain your earrings with a soft cloth.
  • When you are not wearing your earrings, it is best to store them in the supplied bag, or on a rack for earringsaway from moisture and direct sunlight. So don't keep them in the bathroom.
  • Keep them in a dry place (absolutely not in the bathroom). This can also be done on a earring rack, but don't put it in front of a window.
  • If your plugs should become black, polish them locally with silver polish, then you will get them beautiful again.

Restore earrings?

Petit Bonbon cannot be held responsible for any damage, costs or expenses caused by incorrect maintenance of the jewellery. Are your earrings broken? Feel free to send us a e-mail, then we will see together whether we can repair the earrings and what the cost would be.

Cleaning material?

  • Silver: with silver polish and a soft cloth
  • Brass: you polish brass with a little copper polish (sidol) and a microfibre cloth. Then use a clean microfiber cloth to clean it again.