As a little girl, I always had a passion for all things beautiful. At a young age, I already made jewelry for my mom, which she actually wore to work (oh dear...). With all the pocket money I saved, I kept buying new material. I developed myself further and when I was 21 and studying TEW at the University of Ghent, I officially founded "Petit Bonbon" as a brand. In the beginning I first sold to friends, acquaintances, family, friends of friends, ... as a secondary occupation. Since 2020 I decided fully for my passion a.k.a. real business in handcrafted jewelry. In the summer of 2020, the handmade earrings were also part of the "I buy Belgian" pop-up from store chain Juttu and mocked HLN (nina) Petit Bonbon as 1 of the 6 emerging Belgian brands. During the Christmas period, Petit Bonbon was part of the concept store "A Better Blend": the ultimate one-stop-shop for those who like to surprise friends and family with original Belgian Christmas gifts.

In addition to permanent collections, I also make custom jewelry for brides, for example. I think your outfit stands or falls with the right earrings.

The fact that all this is possible is because for years on end I have given myself one hundred percent in combination with a full-time job and a family life. Today I am proud to say that Petit Bonbon is my full-time job. My earrings are now sold in many points of sale and hundreds of orders are sent every month via the webshop. I cannot thank you enough!

xx love,