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Earring repair

Sometimes it can happen that a purchased pair of earrings breaks. A stone has fallen out of the holder, a clasp has broken off, etc. This will be repaired free of charge for jewelery purchased less than 10 months ago (warranty period). For jewelry purchased more than 10 months ago, a small repair fee will be charged (excl. shipping costs).

Jewelry is not immune to normal wear and tear, activity or damage. There is no warranty for damage resulting from damage, normal wear and tear, loss of the product or part, or theft.

  1. Choose the type of repair
  2. Go to checkout and choose 'collection' or 'shipping' and complete the payment. Shipping costs are always at your own expense. You can also bring or pick up your repair at the workshop and then you will not pay any shipping costs.
  3. Send the earrings as a pair to the studio (well packaged, so that there is no additional damage during transport!) - 📍Petit Bonbon, Noordlaan 138, 9200 Dendermonde - suppose a stone is missing, then it is best to send the earrings as a pair on, and not 1 piece, so I can ensure that there is no color difference between the stones in the ear stud. Since stones are sometimes produced in different batches, there may be minor color differences.
  4. If the earrings are still under warranty, please include receipt, proof of purchase or order number
  5. The earrings will be repaired and returned to you as quickly as possible or an appointment will be made for collection at the studio

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Earring repair
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