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Voeg dit toe aan je winkelmandje en het wordt gratis mee verstuurd voor elke bestelling t.e.m. 30 juni 2023 bij een bestelbedrag vanaf €50.

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Lily halo

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welkom op afspraak

Het atelier

Petit Bonbon oorbellen zijn online te verkrijgen via of via onze verkooppunten.

Je kan ook - op afspraak - langskomen in ons atelier in Dendermonde om oorbellen te passen of voor een juweel op maat. Een afspraak maken kan enkel tijdens weekdagen en leg je vast je via e-mail.

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Our story

It all started with a passion for handcrafted jewelry that grew into an established brand both online and in various outlets is distributed.

How it all


The creative has been in me since childhood. If you searched for me, you would find me indoors 90% of the time: I was crafting, drawing, and of course making gems all day long. For every birthday or occasion I was given gems as a gift and I started to try out new things. When I was still at school, I already made a lot of rings, necklaces and earrings for friends and my mom (my biggest fan) that matched their outfit.

grew into

a small business

When I studied TEW at the University of Ghent, my passion for handmade jewelry continued to grow: my studies gave me a good basis for starting the brand and company "Petit Bonbon", which I officially founded as a student in 2012.

Even when I went to Paris on Erasmus for six months, all the stuff went with me and the webshop continued to grow.

focus became

100% Petit Bonbon

After 8 years of doing business with trial and error, the combination of running a company with a full-time job and family life on top of that became too much of a challenge. So in 2020 I took the decision to quit my job as an employee and to focus 100% on Petit Bonbon. This is what makes me happy; never thought I'd be so happy, content, and a little exhausted (the good kind) at the same time.

Petit Bonbon


Meanwhile, the brand "Petit Bonbon" was also picked up by the press, is divided into several stores and also through the Online store hundreds of orders are shipped every month. The earrings are carefully designed "statement pieces" and each one is handmade in our studio in Dendermonde.